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Texting whilst driving - a SFVS special

Would you Drink and Drive ?

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If you were asked "do you drink and drive"? the chances are you would feel a little peturbed that someone asked such a question.


You know the answer is no, because clearly you know the dangers and wouldn't do something so irresponsible right ?


RAC research shows that 50% of drivers aged between 18 and 24 admit to texting while driving - resulting in reaction times slowed by an average of 35%, despite the fact that it is illegal.


A Police Officer sums it up:

'We are at the stage with mobile phones where we were with drink-driving 30 years ago. Then it was an occupational hazard if you got caught: you were not a bad person, just a bit unlucky'


'Today's mobile phone users haven't seen the horrific results of a fatal traffic collision. I have - and it is high time that we faced up to this problem.'

Police awareness video

The Law

Texting whilst driving is not permitted if you have to hold the phone to operate it.


The fixed penalty for driving whilst using a hand held mobile phone has increased to a £60 fine and 3 penalty points. You can also be prosecuted for careless driving or dangerous driving which carry higher penalties. If you kill someone in an accident caused by phoning or texting etc. you can expect a lengthy sentence of imprisonment (e.g. up to 7 years for phoning and worse if you are texting).


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Real Life Stories

Texting whilst driving is a Global issue.


Caution - Text driver ahead !

The woman in this car died because the girl who crashed into her was texting.


Philippa Curtis had approximately 260 yards in which to see Victoria McBryde's Fiat Punto on the night of November 20, 2007 when the collision occured near Wheatley, Oxfordshire.


24 year-old Victoria had broken down and was waiting for a call from her mother when her car was hit from behind by Philippa at high speed.


It is one of a growing number of incidents involving the alledged used of mobile phones for text messaging whislt driving.


Read the full story here:





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