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Home Fire Safety

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Fires in the Home

We believe that in order to make Surrey a safer place to live, every effort must be made to prevent fires in the home. Surrey Fire and Rescue Service attend between 500 and 600 accidental fires in Surrey homes each year.


The causes of these fires vary but, in the vast majority of cases, can be attributed to human error, where someone has either made a mistake or forgotten to carry out a simple task. Often these mistakes are caused by misunderstanding the nature of the fire hazards in your home.

Home Fire Safety Leaflet

Download a Home Fire Safety Leaflet:

Safety Recalls


The emergencySMS service lets deaf, hard of hearing and speech-impaired people in the UK send an SMS text message to the UK 999 service where it will be passed to the police, ambulance, fire rescue, or coastguard.

Fire safety for ethnic minority communities

Surrey is a county with a diverse population and just as fire doesn't discriminate, neither does Surrey Fire and Rescue Service. As well as being keen to ensure our volunteers reflects the community we serve, we seek to offer fire safety advice in a variety of languages to the county's residents.


If you would like to speak to someone or require any literature in another language other than English, we provide an interpreting service. If you require this service please contact our contact centre on 03456 009 009.

  • Put a reminder of what to do on the fridge door or notice board.  

  • Make sure everyone knows where the keys to doors and windows are kept.  

  • Choose an escape route. The best route is usually the normal way in and out of your home.

  • Choose a second escape route as well and keep both these routes clear. Remember – if you live on a ground floor, a window could be used as an escape route.  

  • Plan the order that you will escape in.

  • Choose a safe room. If you can’t escape you will need to find a room where you can wait for the Fire Brigade. A safe room should have a window and a telephone.

Preparing and practising a plan of action will help you to act quickly if there is a fire.


Everyone who lives, or is staying in your home should know this plan, and it helps to go through it with your family or anyone else that lives or stays with you including children, older people and lodgers.


If a fire starts the priority is to get everyone out and call 999.


Don’t try to fight a fire yourself.

Escape Plan

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Adult Care

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Surrey County Council's Emergency Management Team have produced a new Safety Guide on behalf of Surrey Local Resiliance Forum, which highlights the need for Residents to be prepared for multiple types of emergencies.


Please download a copy and be prepared.


Recent floods in Surrey are just one example of why you might want to plan ahead !


Emergency Plan

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