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Protecting Adults from harm

Keeping you safe from fire

If you, a family member, or someone you care for, is considered more at risk of fire, because they are less able to notice or escape to safety when a smoke alarm goes off, then there’s extra protection and support available across Surrey.

Most of these services are absolutely free.


The first thing to do is arrange for Surrey Fire and Rescue Services to do a free home safety check. They will then assess what equipment and resources are needed for that person.


Listed below is some of the equipment they can arrange to install, to help keep vulnerable people safe from fire:


  • Specialist smoke alarms which are linked to a Telecare community alarm* (which is linked to a 24 hour monitoring station).

  • Specialist gas and heat detectors linked to a Telecare community alarm*

  • Fire retardant bedding and furniture throws.

  • Vibrating pads and strobe lighting linked a smoke alarm for people who are hard of hearing.

  • Cooker shut off systems.

  • Portable misting systems.

  • Fixed sprinkler and misting systems.

  • Stickers to be placed on doors to help the fire service find you in event of a fire.


These preventative measures can help save lives.


*Telecare - ask your local council about installing a telecare alarm linked to a smoke alarm or visit

This service will be free for some people and at a small cost for others.

Be a Volunteer. Make a difference.

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